Writing as Advocacy

Writing takes so many forms. Sometimes it's a joyful and personal practice. Sometimes it's a letter to a loved one. Sometimes it's a story that cracks open a new world. And sometimes writing is a tool for change. I'm thinking about that last one in the wake of another police shooting. I haven't always been sure about my relationship to writing as advocacy, even though I worked in social change for a long time. When you're at the table with people trading money, influence, and political strategies to end homelessness or fight childhood hunger or get equal pay for women, one poem starts to feel small. But I've been rethinking that as I move into a different space in my life and creative process, and as the times prove again and again that money, influence, and political strategies aren't enough. There is a gap in empathy, connection, and awareness that maybe only art can fill.

Maybe this is the advocacy of writing: the poetry of waking people up. Over at Voice & Vessel, I posted more about this and shared some of the writers who are asking me to wake up.