away we go

We are a few hours into our journey to Paris and Rome, hanging out at the Minneapolis airport before our flight leaves. I have decided the Delta Sky Lounge is today’s closest equivalent to Ten Forward, with a bar and furniture that attempts to be hip-modern and everything, but unfortunately no Guinan. I wouldn’t mind hanging out with her all day. (Look it up, kids.)

So far my biggest adventure has been attempting to operate on about four hours sleep and low reserves after a packed week. This has resulted in me spilling coffee on myself and (a little) on the dude next to me on the plane from Grand Rapids to Minneapolis. It also involved not understanding how the coffee machine in the Sky Lounge works and missing the obvious “STOP” button and watching milk overflow, in a state of mystification. (In other words, if you’re following the theme here, I couldn’t even be trusted with a food replicator right now.) 

Also, this airport has three arcades. And I am now ranked in the top five for a few races on California Driving. 

Anyway, the plane ride over was lovely. The sunrise was at our back. I discovered the sweetest note from Carl waiting for me on my iPad — that’s the only great part of traveling without him. The love notes. Otherwise, I hate that he’s not here. In a weird way, it’s like an injury that reminds you how important your limbs are. Like, hey that bruise really hurts, but wow, did I ever underestimate how deeply I care about my arm and need it to be whole. This will be the longest time we’ve ever been apart, can you tell?

Ok. This post killed all of about 15 minutes. Back to people-watching and hopefully not spilling or stumbling over myself too much more. 

so... i'm going to paris. and rome. in 15 days.

A few days into the year, I decided my mantra for 2012 would be: Honor what’s essential. Do what energizes. 

It’s not a resolution. It’s an intention. And it’s already making this year feel like a time of magic. I’m not a huge fan of the word magic — it seems a little too sentimental even for me — but I feel like I discredit the energy that’s taking shape if I name it anything less.

My parents and my brother and I had a long conversation last night, about purpose and direction and spirituality and travel. My dad and my brother are good friends with restlessness, like I am, so when it showed up again last night, they met it at the door with a greeting popular among restless people: obsessive browsing of travel websites. 

By 10 pm I got the call that they wanted to go to Paris, take the train to Rome, and then fly home from there. And they wanted to do this at the end of the month. And the deals were hot, so I’d better act fast — was I in? A series of texts in the middle of the night, which I woke up to, informed me that they couldn’t wait for my decision and had booked their tickets. And they had reserved the hotel rooms for three people, hoping there was still a chance I’d join them. 

Some hours of work and two conversations with my husband (his response: Of course you should go!) and my business partner (her response: Of course you should go!) later, I’m going. And it feels like I just drew a circle on the map for good energy and new adventures and said, “Here’s where you can find me. Please visit often.”

Did I mention I’m ridiculously excited?