it's the little things


Deciding on the perfect shade of blue for the new living room paint after choosing between five.

Painting the entire room in an afternoon because my mom is the queen of cutting in and I am a maniac with a roller.

Admiring how lovely a red chair is against the perfect blue. Too bad the dog has claimed the red chair as her own. 

Settling in to working at home, celebrating the freedom of belonging wherever the world takes me instead of in an office. 

Saying good morning, good mid-morning, good lunch time, good afternoon and all other combinations of greetings to the dog, because she is the sweetest work companion and will wag her tail no matter how I wax on about how adorable she is. 

Getting a blanket or turning on the fireplace when I am cold in the middle of the day, instead of complaining about a drafty office building. 

Eating dinner at home. Because it’s one thing to throw something in the oven while checking emails at 4:45 pm. It’s another thing to get home at 5:45 pm and then get my head around meal prep. 

Eating and sharing a glass of wine with my hubby, cleaning up the kitchen, running errands, and still having time to write this list of little things that are making me happy right now.