A New Journey of Writing Prompts to Meet Your Voice

A year ago today, I was beginning my journey as a certified leader of the Amherst Writers & Artists Method. I boarded an early morning train from Grand Rapids to Chicago, with a very dog-eared and well-loved copy of Writing Alone & With Others in my hands. The truth is, when I arrived at that training in Chicago, I didn't have Voice & Vessel on my mind. I was coming out of a few years of intense change and learning. My voice was struggling and felt quieted on many levels--creatively, professionally, spiritually. I found Amherst Writers & Artists in the midst of this. It was a warm, welcoming light. I was hungry for something more than talk about change or creativity, and here was a method that said: Come here and start doing.

I applied for the training because I wanted to meet these kindred spirits of AWA. I thought I might bring the method into the consulting I was doing at the time. But it has all unfolded into Voice & Vessel, which is much more my heart's work. A year out from joining AWA, I'm humbled by the people I've met and the writing we've shared. Every day I'm grateful to be a part of your creative journey, even if it's only through posts like this.

Seven Invitations Writing Prompts and JourneySo to say thanks and honor a year's unfolding, I made something for you. It has simmered with me for awhile, and I hope it will feed your creative spirit. It's called Seven Invitations, and it's a writing journey you can follow at home. I included seven of my favorite writing prompts for connecting more deeply with your voice, along with suggested creative practices.

I hope you'll accept this invitation to meet your voice on the page in a new way. If you write with this little guide, I would love to hear your thoughts about how it goes and which writing prompts were your favorite. Happy creating!

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