New Poem in Hermeneutic Chaos

I'm grateful to Hermeneutic Chaos for including a poem of mine in their July issue, which came out this week. The best part of publishing in literary magazines is the surprise of meeting the other voices your work gets placed with... I think this issue is especially lovely for how the poems and stories work together. It almost feels like we were writing a chapbook together. I'm also becoming more and more partial to litmags that support audio recordings of the work. In this case, the story-like feel of Nancy Chen Long's poem "Gretel's Errata to Her Father's Version of the Story" really came out by being able to sit back and listen to Nancy's reading. I also loved listening to M.J. Arlett's meditative poem "Trout." Short poems feel especially good to absorb through listening. I'm trying to do a better job of tuning into the sound of my own work, and I learned a lot by listening to the pieces in this issue.