Creative Rituals to Deepen Your Writing this Fall

Fall is here. My favorite season. The liminal time, where the light trades itself out for the deeper, darker half of the year. The autumn equinox was last week, and there is a new moon today. It's a rare black moon, our second new moon this month. To me, this is all part of a good pause before the holidays. September and October are the year's last call to establish a creative routine or deepen your writing with new creative rituals. While the writing itself is what matters, I'm a big believer in the power of rituals to bring us to the writing (or any creative practice). At the beginning of my workshops, I share the affirmations and practices of the Amherst Writers & Artists Method. Often I share a quote to center us. Sometimes I invite people to take a deep breath before we start. To me, these aren't agenda items to tick off. These are essential rituals that signal the special space and sacred time that our writing occupies. The rituals aren't elaborate, but that's for the best. They more easily quiet and ready us that way. There is no flash for the inner critic to turn her nose at. There is only the humble work of beginning again.

As you slip into fall, I hope you get some time to re-center in your writing life. Over at Voice & Vessel, I shared a handful of creative rituals that always call to me at this time of year. The post includes writing prompts for your journal, music suggestions, a creative walking practice, and some of my new favorite poetry finds for a contemplative season. If you have your own rituals, playlists, or books to welcome the season, I'd love to hear about those. And if you don't yet, I hope you'll consider trying one or two to land on something that feeds your writing practice. However a ritual works for you is the right way, as long as it draws you into your creative spirit and helps you write.

Get the rituals at Voice & Vessel.