confession tuesday: the whole self -- in a snuggie

Another Tuesday. Wow. 

I confess that I am wearing a snuggie right now. An Eight West snuggie. It was procured for me through methods I cannot divulge. I love it. In part because it’s Eight West, West Michigan’s very own version of Hoda and Kathie Lee, and well — just watch this clip for a taste of the awesome. Segway tours — so intense. So West.

And I especially love it because at first I thought it was just your average throw blanket. But as I unfurled it, the group of women around me screamed, “Oh my God — it has arms!” 

Speaking of which, I spent the weekend with the most amazing group of women. Women who give me faith in women. Women who create space for me to be myself. I confess that I said lots of ridiculous things. I was in turns silly and serious. I sang more than I talked. I confess that I swore and sassed liberally when it involved playing cards. But not once did I look over my shoulder to reconsider what I had said or retrace my steps. I sank into my whole self. How rare it is to find one friend who will do that with you, let alone six of them. 

I confess that I seem to misunderstand 99% of women. But the 1% I do understand seem to have been made from the same fabric, a remnant of the same whole. It’s as if I’m finding the like strings and pulling myself together.

I confess that I am still processing all the conversations we had about social change, family, and business ideas. We theorized about language. One friend and I discussed the unique role of poetry in getting to truth and uncovering the essence of belief in and identity with a particular idea, principle, or thing. I confess to wanting to do something meaningful with these ideas but keep reminding myself of the joy in just acknowledging them, too.

And finally I confess that I was getting myself all ramped up for an open mic night tonight that was eventually cancelled. Maybe next time…