Tag: nerdery

My hubby Carl and I are learning soulmates. (Nerds make the best partners.) We are eternal students, which means we always have new ideas and resources and articles to share, but we also generate a lot of email in the course of a day. It is almost always something shared on the fly, to be read and discussed later. Like a correspondence course between people who share a house.

Today I realized how powerful Google+ will be in taking that exchange out of our inbox and into a much cleaner and more fluid setting. That got me pretty excited, so I decided to create a circle just for Carl, so I could easily share with him and keep tabs on our ongoing learning. 

I decided to call the circle “My Love,” because that’s the sugary sweet way I refer to Carl (yeah, we’re that couple). This resulted in a “Circle of My Love,” which of course was quite amusing to me because of said nerdiness. Finally, I decided to alert Carl to his special placement in such a special circle, and the following conversation ensued: