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Seriously. I love this guy SO MUCH.


1. For a husband who has opened up my understanding of partnership beyond what I ever expected, and for the second chances that brought us together.

2. For friends who speak the same language spiritually, energetically, socially.

3. For family that loves intensely and gives selflessly.

4. For a dog who is truly another part of our family. When I first met her, I knew she had the sweetest little soul; I just didn’t expect how much that would matter to our home.


My hubby Carl and I are learning soulmates. (Nerds make the best partners.) We are eternal students, which means we always have new ideas and resources and articles to share, but we also generate a lot of email in the course of a day. It is almost always something shared on the fly, to be read and discussed later. Like a correspondence course between people who share a house.

Today I realized how powerful Google+ will be in taking that exchange out of our inbox and into a much cleaner and more fluid setting. That got me pretty excited, so I decided to create a circle just for Carl, so I could easily share with him and keep tabs on our ongoing learning. 

I decided to call the circle “My Love,” because that’s the sugary sweet way I refer to Carl (yeah, we’re that couple). This resulted in a “Circle of My Love,” which of course was quite amusing to me because of said nerdiness. Finally, I decided to alert Carl to his special placement in such a special circle, and the following conversation ensued: