Submissions and the Writing Life

Submissions & the Writing Life: What I’m Learning from My 2016 Data

Last year was my most active yet for sending my writing out into the world. I'm not sure that I've ever struck such a combination of generating new work, revising and completing projects, and submitting. The wisdom of more established writers holds true: the more you send out your work, the more likely you are to be published. That bit of truth is easy to forget, similar to the affirmation that "a writer is someone who writes." The last year showed me, again and again, that writing ... Continue Reading
Writing Through Hard Times

Writing Ourselves Through

Hello friends, good people, and creative folks, For some of us, it feels a little scarier and more uncertain to use our voice right now than it might have a few weeks ago. For some of us, the blank page is not only empty but potentially charged. It might even feel dangerous. And others might be rushing to the page right now -- it might feel like a pit they could fill and fill and fill. Maybe you are asking the page, again and again, to give you some clarity and bring you some peace. I've ... Continue Reading
Creative Rituals for Fall Writing - leaves

Creative Rituals to Deepen Your Writing this Fall

Fall is here. My favorite season. The liminal time, where the light trades itself out for the deeper, darker half of the year. The autumn equinox was last week, and there is a new moon today. It's a rare black moon, our second new moon this month. To me, this is all part of a good pause before the holidays. September and October are the year's last call to establish a creative routine or deepen your writing with new creative rituals. While the writing itself is what matters, I'm a big ... Continue Reading
Writing prompts with Seven Invitations

A New Journey of Writing Prompts to Meet Your Voice

A year ago today, I was beginning my journey as a certified leader of the Amherst Writers & Artists Method. I boarded an early morning train from Grand Rapids to Chicago, with a very dog-eared and well-loved copy of Writing Alone & With Others in my hands. The truth is, when I arrived at that training in Chicago, I didn't have Voice & Vessel on my mind. I was coming out of a few years of intense change and learning. My voice was struggling and felt quieted on many levels--creat... Continue Reading
Full Moon in Taos, New Mexico Creative Travel

New Mexico & the Dusty Spots of the Creative Life

I recently returned from a solo trip through New Mexico, a sort of creative pilgrimage. Every so often, my husband Carl and I go on separate adventures to learn, write, and just be in our own rhythm for a week or two. This time, I made it to Albuquerque, Taos, and Santa Fe, places that have been calling to me for a handful of years. It seems common these days to go on a trip, especially of the pilgrimage variety, and come home with a suitcase of jewels (stories, ideas, connections) to ... Continue Reading